Computer Hardware Quiz

There are 23 questions in this quiz. Good luck!
Passing grade is 70% = C.
1) Which of the following is NOT a type of motherboard expansion slot?
       a) ISA
       b) PCI
       c) AGP
       d) ATX

2) Which IRQ does COM1 commonly use?
       a) 3
       b) 4
       c) 6
       d) 7
       e) 14

3) Which of the following is NOT a type of computer hard drive?
       a) IDE
       b) FDD
       c) SCSI
       d) EIDE

4) Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the power to the system is turned off?
       a) CPU
       b) ROM
       c) RAM
       d) DRAM
       e) DIMM

5) How can you tell that a particular ribbon cable should only be used to connect a floppy drive?
       a) it's white
       b) it has a red line along one edge
       c) it's wider than all the other ribbon cables
       d) it has a twist in it

6) Which IRQ does the system timer commonly use?
       a) 0
       b) 1
       c) 5
       d) 10

7) What is BIOS an acronym for?
       a) bootstrap initial operating system
       b) basic input output startup
       c) boot initial operating startup
       d) basic input output system

8) Which of the following is NOT a type of RAM?
       a) SIMM
       b) DIMM
       c) ROM
       d) SLIPP

9) What does FDISK do?
       a) performs low-level formatting of the hard drive
       b) fixes bad sectors on the hard drive
       c) recovers lost clusters on the hard drive
       d) creates partitions on the hard drive

10) What type of connector is used to plug a telephone line into a modem?
       a) COM1
       b) RJ-45
       c) RJ-11
       d) RJ-10

11) Which IRQ does LPT1 commonly use?
       a) 1
       b) 4
       c) 5
       d) 7
       e) 8

12) When plugging the P8 and P9 power connectors into the system board, which of the following is true?
       a) the black wires of both connectors should NOT be next to each other
       b) P8 and P9 don't plug into the system board
       c) the black wires of both connectors should be next to each other
       d) it doesn't matter which way you plug them in, the voltages are the same

13) What is different between AT and ATX power supplies?
       a) They are identical except for their shape.
       b) AT supplies use a single P1 power connector while ATX uses P8 and P9.
       c) AT power supplies run on 120V AC current while ATX uses 220V AC
       d) AT supplies use P8 and P9 power connectors while ATX uses a single P1 connector.

14) How many pins does a SIMM have?
       a) 50
       b) 64
       c) 30 or 72
       d) 168
       e) 128

15) How many pins does a DIMM have?
       a) 50
       b) 64
       c) 72
       d) 128
       e) 168

16) Parity is:
       a) a byte stored in the FAT to indicated remaining slots
       b) the optimal transmission speed of data over a CAT 5 cable
       c) a system for balancing the voltage coming out of the power supply
       d) an extra bit stored with data in RAM that is used to check for errors when the data is read back
       e) the optimal transmission speed of data over a CAT 5 cable

17) IRQ 6 is commonly assigned to:
       a) sound card
       b) COM1
       c) floppy drive controller
       d) LPT1
       e) Keyboard

18) What are the four key functions of a computer system?
       a) input, processing, output, and storage
       b) keyboard, display, memory, and disk drive
       c) word processing, spreadsheets, database, and contact management
       d) read, write, calculate, and display
       e) bits, bytes, words, and OSI

19) hat kind of connectors are used to connect a PC power supply to a hard drive?
       a) AT
       b) molex
       c) mini-molex
       d) P9
       e) chamfer

20) IRQ 1 is commonly assigned to:
       a) it's usually open
       b) system timer
       c) real time clock
       d) keyboard
       e) none of the above

21) How much data will a high density (HD) floppy disk hold?
       a) 124 KB
       b) 640 KB
       c) 720 KB
       d) 1.44 MB
       e) 2.88MB

22) Which of the following conditions most increases the likelihood that ESD will occur?
       a) hot, dry conditions
       b) cool, damp conditions
       c) cool, dry conditions
       d) hot, damp conditions

23) Which IRQ does the hard disk controller commonly use?
       a) 0
       b) 1
       c) 4
       d) 13
       e) 14