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Jira Change Request & Planned Task Guide:

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Change Request and Planned Task Jira Task Creation Guide:

The reason for the existence of this guide is to make sure that everyone that creates either Change Requests or Planed Tasks within Jira are coming from a common perspective:

I am going to explain what the Business Criteria refer to and then for each of the Business Criteria what the ratings refer to.

  1. Will the service be Improved? Self explanatory - The ratings are also very straight forward.
  2. Will the service level be improved? To what extent will the Service Level Agreement with the customer be affected?
  3. Will Usability be enhanced? Usability refers to the user friendliness if the application.
  4. Does any feature enhance the Brand? Does the Task that is being created enhance the Brand (CJ or iTalent etc.). Does the application offer more to the clients?
  5. Will Market Share increase? Will the change enhance the product (application) to the degree that it is better than any other options that the clients can consider?
  6. Will this increase the offering? To what extent will application be enhanced - be worth more to clients?
  7. How many users will benefit? All users do to some extent have particular expectations, and this rating refers to how many clients will be happy with and use the new feature / change.
  8. Which User group will benefit? There are three main user groups: Internal Clients are people within CareerJunction (HR) that make use of the application/s for internal recruitment. Career Seekers are the over 1 mil people who are registered with CJ seeking employment - they are non paying customers but the recruiters (paying customers) depend on their existence. Recruiters [Agents & Corporate's] are our valuable paying customers.
  9. Is this feature Revenue Earning? Is the task being created in Jira going to lead to a situation where money can be made out of it?
  10. Is this a client's Strategic Requirement? What is meant by this is: Is the task a specific request from one of our existing clients and how does it effect the application. To score a 3, the client must be one of our 'key' clients that may have threatened to take their business elsewhere if the request isn't met.
  11. Is it a Unique Feature or in response to competition. The options speak for themselves.
  12. What is the revised URGENCY factor? We still need to apply an urgency factor even though the task is not a break. To what extent will the task affect our client base?
  13. Will this make a good Selling Point? How will the new / changed feature affect the sell ability of the product (application)? Does it make it easier for our sales staff to sell the product?
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